Reviews and awards

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FoxySpider has received great reviews and recognition from the most prestigious websites:

FoxySpider has been selected by Mozilla as one of the 10 best add-ons to use with Firefox 4:
"FoxySpider crawls the website you’re browsing for you, and displays video clips, images and other files in an easy to use thumbnail gallery"
FoxySpider has received a 5-star review on CNET:
"FoxySpider is a great tool for anyone who enjoys perusing through the many pictures that the Internet has to offer"
An interesting article was published on Switched, discussing FoxySpider's usefulness for porn site fans:
"You can't go wrong with the Firefox add-on FoxySpider... Out of the box it will crawl all images and videos on the page you're currently viewing"
Softonic has issued a nice positive review about FoxySpider:
"With FoxySpider you can easily scan websites for different file types and create galleries with downloaded images"
FoxySpider was covered on the popular German Chip Online:
"The smart Firefox add-on FoxySpider grabs you videos, pictures and music files from a web page and then sets them clearly in a thumbnail gallery... FoxySpider is a true blessing"
Baixaki, the largest technology website in Brazil, has dedicated a comprehensive article about FoxySpider:
"Through a simple mouse click, you can generate a gallery organized with pictures, videos and documents, making it easy to download what you want"